ghc-7.0.2: The GHC API




data RI Source

Register or immediate


RIReg Reg 
RIImm Imm 

riZero :: RI -> BoolSource

Check if a RI represents a zero value. - a literal zero - register %g0, which is always zero.

fpRelEA :: Int -> Reg -> InstrSource

Calculate the effective address which would be used by the corresponding fpRel sequence.

moveSp :: Int -> InstrSource

Code to shift the stack pointer by n words.

isUnconditionalJump :: Instr -> BoolSource

An instruction that will cause the one after it never to be exectuted

maxSpillSlots :: IntSource

The maximum number of spill slots available on the C stack. If we use up all of the slots, then we're screwed.

Why do we reserve 64 bytes, instead of using the whole thing?? -- BL 20090215