ghc-8.10.6: The GHC API
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Interface to system tools

General utilities

data Option Source #

When invoking external tools as part of the compilation pipeline, we pass these a sequence of options on the command-line. Rather than just using a list of Strings, we use a type that allows us to distinguish between filepaths and 'other stuff'. The reason for this is that this type gives us a handle on transforming filenames, and filenames only, to whatever format they're expected to be on a particular platform.


Instances details
Eq Option # 
Instance details

Defined in CliOption


(==) :: Option -> Option -> Bool #

(/=) :: Option -> Option -> Bool #

expandTopDir :: FilePath -> String -> String Source #

Expand occurrences of the $topdir interpolation in a string.


libmLinkOpts :: [Option] Source #

Some platforms require that we explicitly link against libm if any math-y things are used (which we assume to include all programs). See #14022.

Mac OS X frameworks